Advantages of Performing Shoring Design concurrent with Structure Design

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If your project will potentially require excavation shoring, start the planning and permitting process for the shoring system at the same time as the planning and permitting process for the structure.  Planning the shoring system early has the following benefits:

  1. Eliminates unnecessary project permitting delays
  2. Increases the available footprint for permanent structure within the property boundaries.
  • Economizes design & construction via mutual compatibility between the shoring system and building components such as the perimeter foundation drain and water proofing material.
  1. A shoring permit requires submittal of shoring design drawings and calculations sealed by a Colorado professional engineer. Depending upon the project complexity, a shoring design and calculation package can take up to four weeks to complete.  Review and approval can take as little as two weeks if the building permit has already been approved, but as much as four weeks or more if the shoring permit is solicited together with the building permit.  In short, allocate at least two months (preferably three months) for shoring design, submittal review and approval.

Keep in mind additional permits may be required for any required demolition (including subgrade utilities), excavation, and encroachment into public right-of-way (temporary or permanent).  For more information on required permitting please visit these resources:

A concise guide to commercial permitting required by the City and County of Denver can be found here:

A concise guide to residential permitting required by the City and County of Denver can be found here:

  1. As urban real estate becomes more valuable, it is desirable to maximize the footprint of the new development within the property boundaries. Two side forming of subgrade foundation walls requires at least 2.5 ft between the outside of subgrade foundation wall and face of temporary shoring to provide adequate space to place the outside forms.  The temporary shoring system can often be utilized as the back-side form for the exterior subgrade wall thereby increasing the building footprint by 2.5 ft on all sides.  The space required for the shoring system will depend upon the shoring means and methods.  Selection of the most appropriate shoring means and methods will depend upon site specific variables including but not limited to:
  • Access
  • Existence and extent of subgrade utilities and overhead utilities.
  • Localized soil conditions and depth to ground water.
  • Proximity to neighboring structures and corresponding surcharge of those structures on the shoring.

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