Excavation Shoring

Shoring Excavation 

Excavation Shoring becomes necessary whenever a construction project has unsecured soil that is greater than 4 feet deep. Unconfined soil pressure at this depth tends to be greater than the cohesion of the soil itself, the result is the possibility of soil falling onto whatever or whoever might be working in the excavation.

There are many shoring techniques and the right one for a particular project can vary greatly on project conditions, there is no “one size fits all”. Geo Craft Builders specializes in the following shoring techniques:

  • Temporary Soil Nails and Shotcrete
  • Reticulated Micropile Walls
  • Drilled Shaft and Shotcrete Walls
  • Beam and Lagging Walls
  • Beam and Shotcrete Walls

Geocraft Builders has provided excavation shoring in urban environments, along highways, and at general building sites across the Front Range. Let our experience help you determine the safest and most economical shoring system for your project.

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