Retaining Wall Repairs

Retaining Wall Repair Services

It’s easy to see an expertly crafted retaining wall and forget that they are required to do a very important job on your property – retain the earth.  Over time many retaining walls will tilt or lean.  Often the culprit is the introduction of water behind the wall due to inadequate drainage, which adds pressure behind the wall for which it was not designed.  At GeoCraft Builders, we are proud to offer skilled, professional retaining wall repair services that will help to keep this important asset in excellent condition.

Do I Need Retaining Wall Repairs?

Even if a leaning or bulging retaining wall doesn’t present an imminent risk of failure, it can diminish property values and if you are ever interested in selling your property it can scare off potential buyers.   To protect your asset here are a few clear warning signs that you should be aware of:

  • Portions of the wall are crumbling or collapsing
  • Concrete is bulging (cracking concrete may or may not be an indicator, depending on frequency and severity)
  • Wall appears to be leaning
  • Wall that was normally planar, or in a straight line is now uneven
  • Soil has overrun the top of the wall
  • Drains at toe of wall that used to produce water no longer produce water

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Our geotechnical construction firm is a longtime retaining wall repair leader in the industry, serving clients in the greater Denver and Colorado Springs area and beyond. We have the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to overcome a variety of ground conditions and site access conditions.  Interested in learning more about our retaining wall repair services in Denver? Contact us today for more information.