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As one of the Front Range’s most respected shotcrete Denver contractors, we have the experience necessary to successfully use shotcrete for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re interested in basement construction, retaining wall construction, soil nailing, slope paving, retaining wall repair or any structural repair or just architectural walls — our skilled team has the ability to easily execute complex shapes, building structures that not only look great but are built to stand the test of time. Keep reading to learn more about our shotcrete services available in the greater Denver area.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is pneumatically applied concrete and can be used for many different applications in commercial and residential projects. Shotcrete makes it possible to apply concrete to irregularly shaped surfaces or hard to reach areas that may otherwise make construction difficult and requires a minimum amount of form work compared to cast-in-place concrete.

Why Shotcrete?

Shotcrete offers many advantages over traditional cast-in-place (CIP) concrete and has many applications.

Basement subfloor construction

  • Shotcrete uses earth as the back form and therefore the additional excavation required for form work on the outside of wall is eliminated.
  • Only edge formwork is required to cap the top or ends of wall.
  • If temporary excavation support is required, the shoring system can be designed as a permanent shoring system which reduces the required wall thickness of the planned structure.

Site wall construction

  • Site walls, or retaining walls are used to maximize the buildable footprint of a lot. There are two types of retaining walls, ‘cut walls’ or walls constructed as material is excavated  in ‘top-down’ fashion, and ‘fill walls’ or walls constructed as fill is placed from the bottom upward.  Top-down ‘cut walls’ commonly use shotcrete. 

Slope paving

  • Shotcrete is requires no formwork and is ideal for slope paving to protect erosional features or to construct drainage features.

Retaining wall repair

  • Regardless of the construction material type, retaining walls can easily be repaired utilizing shotcrete.

Structural repair

  • Seismic retrofits (augmenting strength of existing structures to withstand earthquakes)
  • Structural repair of concrete that has deteriorated

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Our team has the resources and technical knowledge needed to install shotcrete safely and effectively. Interested in learning more about the benefits of working with shotcrete for your next concrete project? We are here to help answer any questions you may have and are happy to provide preconstruction service during the design phase of your project to ensure the economy shotcrete offers is fully realized.

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