GeoCraft Builders — Constructability / Preconstruction Services

GeoCraft Builders performs constructability reviews and other preconstruction services such as value engineering and budget pricing, scheduling, and specification review.

What is Constructability?

Let GeoCraft help optimize your project for constructability.  What does that mean?  It means a safer job site, a higher certainty of execution, a lower risk of quality mishaps and rework, cost savings for the Owner and higher profit margins for all contracting and subcontracting partners.

How is Constructability Optimized?

We first review the available information to understand the project context, and then identify the variables that have the most potential to impact the project – positively or negatively:

Ground conditions

  1. conditions presented in the geotechnical report
  2. knowledge of regional and local geology
  3. geomorphology: the depositional system responsible for the unconsolidated deposits will give a good idea of the variability of the deposits and conditions to be encountered.
  4. Cross reference all available information with our first-hand experience in the area, or similar deposites.
  5. Are there subsurface contaminants and if so, what is potential impact?


  1. What are site access constraints
  2. Are there overhead utilities or obstructions, if so what is safe clearance?
  3. Are there underground utilities, if so what is known about depth and distance from work? What is the age and type of construction of the utility?
  4. Where are property line boundaries and utility easements and maximum allowable movement or work hour restrictions? 

Performance criteria

  1. What are minimum and/or maximum criteria for performance of the system considered, i.e. max. or min. movement, deflection, settlement.
  2. What is minimum required design life of system?
  3. Are neighboring property owners cooperative or litigious?

Material selection

  1. What are material options and do any offer an advantage in terms of performance, price or availability?

The number of variables is extensive.  GeoCraft will help you identify all variables and which ones present risk or opportunity and assist in designing your project to minimize risk and maximize opportunities.